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Titian Haired Temptress

For our titian haired temptress
The formula was simple
Close fitted nurses' tunic
Topped with a little wimple

She'd got it going on
The like we've never seen
Fair turned old mannies heads
When she trained in Aberdeen

Once out of the Silver City
Free to roam at last
A few years as a midwife
In the neat town of Belfast

Around the troubled streets
On her trusty bike she sped
Attending to those mothers
Expectant in their beds

With starch upon her collar
And in regulation skirt
She stiffened her resolve
To tend the sick and hurt

In Dingwall yet more freedom
As District Nursing Sister
Everything from heart failure
Down to the humble blister

The titian haired temptress
Jane Yeadon, was that nurse
A little snapshot of her life
Captured here in verse

I heard she was called "The Spanner"
There are no "if's" and "buts"
As when she passed a group of men
She tightened all their nuts

©2013 Tez Watson

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